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In Our Live Broadcast You Will

  • Become familiar with which adverse reactions to medication are associated with your personal genetic profile.
  • Explore the benefits of Medication Insight testing.
  • Learn about the specific medication types and medication classes that are analyzed.
  • Take part in a live Q&A segment. 

What Our Customers Say 

“No more guessing games! I’m finally taking the right medication to manage my depression. It was all so easy, well worth the price.”

– Anthony B.
Winter Park, FL

 “I’ve wanted this type of testing for so long but my health Insurance doesn’t cover it. Glad to have found such a comprehensive test that is also affordable.”

– Catalina R.
Southlake, TX

“The test results have been a tremendous help to my overall well-being. I knew one of my medications was causing issues for me, now I know which one and why!”

– Helen F.
Bolingbrook, IL