Personalize Medicine with Pharmacogenetics

The Privy Health Medication Insight (PGX) focuses on how your body’s drug-metabolizing enzymes and drug transporters influence the pharmacogenetics and response of particular drugs.
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Remove The Risk From Medications

The Privy Health Medication Insight (PGX) is a single test that focuses on how your body’s unique genetic profile responds to a variety of medications.  Results can improve treatment outcomes, maximize your quality of life, and save both time and money regarding trial-and-error with prescription medication.

What’s Working? 

What traditionally works for another person, may not entirely work for you and more frequently, this has become the case. When it comes to medication, one size does not fit all. Our Medication Insight test presents you and your healthcare provider with the information needed to determine if an alternative drug might be more suitable for you, see if the dose needs to be adjusted, or it requires additional follow up and monitoring.

Potential Allergies

For any specified symptom or illness, there are a handful of name brand or generic drugs to treat the problem. Due to the vast nature of pharmacology, it can be near impossible for a physician to know precisely which drugs your body will respond to – positively or negatively. Our Medication Insight test enables you and your prescriber to know what medications will benefit you, which to use with caution, or ones to avoid entirely.

Individualized Drug Strategy

Knowing how your body processes specific medication can empower your physician to tailor a prescription drug plan specific to you – subtracting the guessing game from pharmacology and selecting only drugs and dosages that are implied to work most effectively with your genetic structure. Your Medication Insight results can pave the way for personalized drug therapy and increased patient safety.

Adverse Reactions To Drugs

Increased awareness of pharmacogenetic effects is vital for reducing the occurrence of ADRs. In the United States alone, serious side effects from pharmaceutical drugs occur in two million people each year and account for as many as 100,000 fatalities, according to the FDA. Pharmacogenomics aims to avoid trials and errors to develop a personalized treatment plan for your unique genetic code.

Medication Insight (PGX) Screening Includes

  • Information about the presence of genetic variants which may impact the way your body
    metabolizes and processes certain medications
  • Evaluation of drugs for which you may be predisposed to having an adverse reaction
  • Individualized assessment of drugs that based on your genetic composition are either safe to use, proceeded with caution, or entirely avoided

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