Pharmacogenetics or pharmacogenomics is the study of how genes play a role in the body’s response to particular medications. Genes, which are segments of DNA inherited from your parents, contain information that dictates some of your unique traits, such as eye color, or height. Your genes can also influence the safety and effectiveness of medications.

Genetics can often be the reason why two individuals might be prescribed the same medication but have entirely different reactions. In some cases, genes are also the reason why some individuals have severe side effects on the medicine, while others have none.

The Privy Health Insight ® Pharmacogenomic test looks at specific genes to determine the types of medications and dosages that may be best suited for your genetic makeup.

What are the benefits of Pharmacogenomic testing?

  • Identifying the most effective medicine for you.
  • Detect the most impactful dosage for you.
  • Determine medications that may cause serious side effects.

Why would I need Pharmacogenetic testing?

Pharmacogenetic testing is currently available for a wide range of health problems. These include cardiovascular disease, cancer, mental health disorders, and infectious diseases.

According to Consumer Reports, nearly 55% of Americans take prescription drugs, with most individuals taking an average of four medications a day. With Rx drug use on the rise, it’s essential to have the information needed to precisely optimize your healthcare and reduce your risk of developing severe side effects.

The Privy Health Medication Insight (PGX) is a collection of genetic screenings intended to help you understand how your unique genetic code influences your wellness and empowers you to make informed decisions about your health.

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