Have you ever stopped taking prescribed medication because it made you feel unpleasant? Did you avoid medicine due to the fear of implied side effects? Do you take too many medications to the point where you feel immune to their response? If this sounds like you, the good news is that the future of personalized medicine has arrived and it begins with pharmacogenetics.

Medication trial-and-error can be exhausting when you are the patient. But what if there was a test that could pinpoint the right medicine for you based on your unique genetic code? Well, it has arrived! Privy Health Insight (PGX) testing identifies specific genes in your DNA to help determine the types of medicines and dosages appropriate for you. Paving the way for the future of precision medicine, PGX provides information about your genetic makeup to help your doctor decide which medications and doses might work best for you and reduce harmful side effects.

A common frustration for those who suffer from mental or physical health ailments or disorders is that doctors must rely on a one-size-fits-all model to begin treatment. When it comes to prescribing medications, one size does not fit all, and your genetic profile may directly impact your ability to tolerate and respond to different drugs. Results can improve treatment outcomes, maximize your quality of life, and save both time and money regarding trial-and-error with prescription medication.

Build insight with Privy Health

Medication Insight

Over 300 medications are considered within the Privy Health Medication Insight Genetic Test, part of the below medication categories. This includes a variety of commonly prescribed medications for pain management, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, depression and many more.

What is the Purpose of PGX Screening? 

  • To help determine how you process medications.
  • Identify individuals who may react negatively to certain prescription drugs. 
  • Offer additional insight to achieve better outcomes on a patient-by-patient basis.
  • Find out what dosage is best for you.

What Do the Results Mean?

If you complete an insight test before beginning treatment, your PGX results can predict drug efficiency and tell you which ones are effective, should be used with caution, or avoided entirely. If you are at risk for serious side effects, your health care provider will discuss alternative treatment options. If you receive results while taking medication, these can guide your physician to adjust the dose accordingly.