At-home DNA test kits have become massively popular to gain a better understanding of your ancestry background, traits, and health status. At Privy Health, we believe that the best vision is insight. That is why we offer a collection of non-invasive screenings that examine your unique genetic profile to provide actionable results to predispose your risk to hereditary cancers and determine how your body processes medications

Why Choose Privy?

We are transforming the future of healthcare by delivering accurate results that give you an insight to your hereditary cancer risk and an understanding of how genes affect your response to medications. Results can improve treatment outcomes and maximize your quality of life. We partner with the brightest clinical providers and most user-friendly technical solutions while providing support services that you can trust.

Medication Insight

The Privy Health Medication Insight (PGX) provides valuable insight as to which medications are more useful, less useful, and those that are potentially harmful based on your unique genetic code. These include a variety of commonly prescribed medications for pain management, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, depression, and many more.

  • 300+ medications analyzed
  • 38 genes tested
  • 25+ medication classes
  • 100% confidential 

Cancer Insight 

The Privy Health Cancer Insight (CGX) identifies specific, inheritable gene mutations that may increase a person’s risk of developing cancer.

  • 25 different cancer types analyzed
  • 33 genes tested
  • Understand your hereditary cancer risk
  • 100% confidential
The best vision is insight, and at Privy Health, we help you gain it to empower yours. 

Personalized Report

Tells you what you need to know and includes facts and statistical information as it pertains to your predisposition to cancer, or which medications you should take, use with caution, or avoid entirely, based on your unique genetic profile. The detailed report can be presented to your doctor to aid in potential early diagnosis and create a preventative health care plan to give you peace of mind and improve treatment outcomes. 

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