Do you know how your genes play a role in the development of cancer? Below is a great video to learn more about cancer genomics and how genetic screening can be helpful in early detection.

Cancer has many causes – environmental, lifestyle, aging, hereditary, and multiple combinations of these. Cancer is complicated and even scarier with so many unknowns and what-ifs. However, cancer genomics, which is the study of the human genome as it pertains to cancer, can help you better understand your risk for certain types such as, breast, colon, and pancreatic. Having more information about your risk to certain cancers can assist you and your doctor in taking preventative action which can lead to early detection, helping to mitigate the spread of disease, subsequently increasing your chance of survival.

The Privy Health Cancer Insight genetic screening can inform you about health-related predispositions and empower you and your healthcare provider to optimize your healthcare strategy, overall reducing your risk of developing cancer.