As technology makes new forms of medical testing and healthcare prevention more accessible to people today, we are looking at the benefits of genetic testing when it comes to knowing your makeup and potential risks. We all have unique sequencing of genes in our bodies, dictating what color our eyes are, the shape of our nose, but also things like what illnesses we may be predisposed to. Thanks to genetic testing, you can now become aware of your genetic coding, this can help you take further precautions toward the unknown.

Here are just a few ways in which genetic testing is changing health as we know it today.

Genetic testing is transforming the field of healthcare

Cancer Background

Although a genetic predisposition to cancer doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll develop the disease, knowing that you have a predisposition to a particular type can encourage you to regularly go in for check-ups and make lifestyle decisions that can help minimize your risk. Surprisingly more than half of yearly cancer deaths could have been prevented.

Knowledge is Power

Regardless of your genetic makeup, acquiring the knowledge of what you are at risk for can help you stay ahead of any problems. For those with a family history of the disease, sometimes wondering alone is what causes us the most anguish. Mentally, we don’t want to wonder if we’re at risk for something like Breast Cancer, we just want to know. Genetic testing unearths all of the secrets for you to understand.

Family Sharing

When you decide to pursue genetic testing, you’ll receive answers you can share with your family members. Whether you’re a person looking to start a family, or you have siblings that could benefit from knowing that certain diseases run in the family, genetic testing will provide you with answers to keep everyone ahead of potential genetic predisposition.

Gain insight to empower your health

Privy Health

Our goal at Privy Health is to empower individuals by analyzing their genetic makeup, with the intention of helping to understand how your unique genetic code can influence wellness. Allowing individuals to make informed decisions about their health.

Our Privy Health Insight™ genetic screenings examine your genes to unlock your unique code and learn about traits and predispositions that make you totally one of a kind. Whether it is good or bad news, simply knowing will provide you with power in medical education.