Empower Your Health

The best vision is insight, and at Privy Health©, we help you gain it to empower your health. We offer a collection of non-invasive screenings that examine your unique genetic profile and provide you with actionable insight.

Medication Insight (PGX)

Provides an understanding of how genes affect your response to medications. This allows you or your doctors to identify drugs that may cause adverse reactions and help tailor both treatment and medications to your unique genes.

Hereditary Cancer Insight (CGX)

Analyzes DNA in search of genetic markers associated with a variety of cancer types including Breast, Ovarian, Lung, Colorectal, Melanoma, Head, Neck, Pancreatic, Thyroid, Prostate, and many more.

Personalized Report

Each of the Privy Health Insight screenings provides you with actionable, white paper-backed information in an easy-to-understand format.  This allows you to recognize how your genetic profile impacts your personal health, as well as enhances the continuum of care supplied by your healthcare provider.

Our Mission

Privy Health’s goal is simple: allow cutting edge, preventative medicine to be more easily accessible to individuals. We partner with the brightest clinical providers and most user-friendly technical solutions while providing support services that you can trust.

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What Our Customers Say 

“No more guessing games! I’m finally taking the right medication to manage my depression. It was all so easy, well worth the price.”

– Anthony B.
Winter Park, FL

 “I’ve wanted this type of testing for so long but my health Insurance doesn’t cover it. Glad to have found such a comprehensive test that is also affordable.”

– Catalina R.
Southlake, TX

“The test results have been a tremendous help to my overall well-being. I knew one of my medications was causing issues for me, now I know which one and why!”

– Helen F.
Bolingbrook, IL